Amália Rodrigues – Amália sings traditional fado


Artist: Amália Rodrigues
Title: Amália sings traditional fado
Format: CD (8 pages booklet)
File under: Fado / World Music / Portugal
Cat. #: SM006-CD
EAN: 5606562620226
Release date: April 21st 2011

Selling points:

  • Amália sings… Collection of 4 titles.
  • Original illustration.
  • Biographical notes in English and Portuguese.
  • 20 of the best fados from 1945 to 1959.
  • Audio restored and mastered in HD.
  • Mid-price.
  • 2011, fado UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This is the third edition of this flagship title Amalia sings traditional fado with new artwork. This is a truly best of traditional fado that Amália Rodrigues performed in the first decades of her career. This was the foundation for the consecration of her successful career. 

The recordings were restored and mastered in HD audio and it can be heard now with a much superior quality than the original recordings at the time, here one can hear the voice of Amália in the same way as it was presented to the world, as one of the great singers of the twentieth century. 

The uniqueness of the voice of Amália helps us to understand why it was considered one of the best four voices in the world. 
This CD includes 20 classic fados from the artist, original illustrations and biographical notes in English and Portuguese.

"... I was born with this obligation to sing fado! Or it was fado that did this! Fado is fate, so gave this fate to me!" Amália Rodrigues

Asas fechadas (Luís de Macedo / Alain Oulman)

Cais de outrora (Luís de Macedo / Alain Oulman)

Estranha Forma de Vida (Amália Rodrigues / Alfredo Rodrigo Duarte)

Maria Lisboa (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

Madrugada (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

Abandono (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

Aves agoirentas (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

Povo que lavas no rio (Pedro Homem de Mello / Joaquim Campos da Silva)

Vagamundo (Luís de Macedo / Alain Oulman)

Dura memória (Luís de Camões / Alain Oulman)

Vida enganada (Luís de Macedo / Alain Oulman)

Acho inúteis as palavras (António de Sousa Freitas / José Marques)

Algemas (Álvaro Duarte Simões)

Rasga o passado (Álvaro Duarte Simões)

Caminhos de Deus (António de Sousa Freitas / Joaquim Campos da Silva)

Espelho quebrado (David Mourão-Ferreira / Alain Oulman)

Assim nasceu este fado (António de Sousa Freitas)

Eu queria cantar-te um fado (António de Sousa Freitas / Franklin Gomes Godinho)

Na rua do silêncio (António de Sousa Freitas / Joaquim Campos da Silva)

Primavera (David Mourão-Ferreira / Pedro Rodrigues)

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