Ana Laíns - Portucalis


Artist: Ana Laíns 
Títle: Portucalis
Format: CD Jewel Case – 16 pages booklet
Genre: World Music / Fado / Portugal
Languages: Portuguese 
Catalog #: SM030-CD 
EAN: 5606562620424
Release date: October 27th 2017

Portucalis is the dreamland of Ana Laíns!
It is as well the 3rd album from a singer who delivers her work completely to Portugal which defines her identity for over than 18 years. 
Portucalis is a transversal record that travels for a whole universe of colours and music, ethnography and Portuguese languages. From the Galaico-Portuguese to Mirandês and the current Portuguese, from Fado to the traditional music from Beiras and Trás-os-Montes.
Featuring the special guests Ivan Lins, Luís Represas, Mafalda Arnauth and Filipe Raposo.



This album is dedicated to everyone who likes people!
This album is dedicated to everyone who likes to be people of their country!
This album is dedicated to everyone who understands that Life is a Mission!
And that this Mission is part of the place where we were born!
Portucalis is the land of my dreams.
It is the country that exists between margins.
It exists between the margins of my dualities.
But to be dual is to exist.
No one "Is" totally.
We "ALL ARE" partially.
If not permanently ... in many moments of our Lives!
Because we all "EXIST" like coins or sheets of paper, with face and crown, front and back.
The Writer and Poet Mia Couto wrote the poem "Identity" in 1977, which openly proclaimed its Duality:
"I exist where I do not know,
waiting for my past,
yearning for the hope of the future.
In the World I fight, I die.
In the World I fight for, I live. "
To be dual is to live permanently between social reality and the dream of the pure state of our Nature.
"I need to be someone else to be myself"
Mia Couto in the same poem "Identity".
To be dual is to live the uncertainty of a decision.
To be dual is to silence the truth for a comforting lie.
To be dual is to smile at the World of others, while crying and weeping our inner World.
To be dual is to live on the line that separates the expectations of the World about us and who we really are.
That is why there is Art!
Because it is in Art that we seek (and often find) comfort in our personal (and collective) truth.
The Artist is a channeler of "Truths".
And the Poet is a pretender.
And so is the Singer.
In this record I intend to reveal all my truths, and to meet the Truths of Others.
I need to be a fado singer and not be.
I need to live my love to this country, which is, at the same time, my greatest Passion and Despondency. The sparkle in my eyes and my tears.
The Mirror where I see reflected all my dreams and desires.
In an age of subversion of values, priorities, and profound artificiality, I want to be a Portuguese "missionary", who sees her career as "Mission".
Because "God" assigned me the "Condition" to be born here!
Because I feel in constant counter-cycle.
Because this "Mission" kills me and renews me every day.
And this is where my duality resides!

Portugal is still missing.
This is my little (but genuine) contribution.
Portucalis is the country (and the album) where I am, where I balance, where I smile and I am happy!

Ana Laíns

SevenMuses © 2018

1. Portucalis  (Paulo Loureiro)
2. O Fado do Tempo Morto (Carlos Leitão / Popular (Fado Menor))
3. A Verdade da Mentira (Sebastião Antunes / Paulo Loureiro)
5. Não Sei o Quê Desgosta com Luís Represas (Fernando Pessoa / Luiz Caracol) 
5. Ai Flores do Verde Pino (D. Dinis / Helena Del Alfonso / José Lara Gruñeiro)
6. Cantiga Bailada (Popular)
7. Não Sei Quantas Almas Tenho (Fernando Pessoa / Paulo Loureiro)
8. Teresa Torga (José Afonso)
9. As Fontes com Filipe Raposo (Sophia De Mello Breyner / Filipe Raposo)
10. Charanga do Tempo com Mafalda Arnauth (Ana Laíns)
11. Mi Morena (Popular)
12. Fado das Horas (D. António de Bragança / Popular)
13. Sou Dual com Ivan Lins (Ana Laíns – Ana Laíns - Mafalda Arnauth / Ivan Lins)
14. Sei-te (Mafalda Arnauth / Fernando Alvim)

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