Débora Rodrigues - Fado no Coração


Artist: Débora Rodrigues

Title: Fado no Coração
Format: CD digipak w/ 24 pages booklet
Languages: Portuguese / English
File under: World Music / Fado / Portugal
Cat. #: SM021-CD
EAN: 5606562620332
Release date: October 30th, 2015

  • 1st record commercially released in 20 years carreer.

  • Featuring Tó Moliças.

  • Fados and original songs.

  • Duets with José Cid, Tózé Brito & Miguel Ramos.

  • Compositions & poems from great writers.

  • Text and poems in Portuguese and English.

  • Supported by: Radio Amália 92.0 FM.

Those who are unfamiliar with the work or the voice of Débora Rodrigues may think it is one more of the new voices of fado. However, this work brings

together over two decades of dedication to fado.


This record has an interesting history, it was recorded during several sessions between 2007 and 2008 but it is only released now in 2015. It’s not her debut album but it is the first work to hit the market.

Years passed and Débora Rodrigues improved some ideas and felt the need to interpret other poems as well as re-record all the voices - which happened in April and May 2015 at the VBM studios with Rui Fingers.


Added to the original track listing of this album was a new version of Lua Carmim (Crimson Moon), accompanied on piano by Ernesto Leite, Rodolfo Godinho on the Portuguese guitar and João Lopes on the double bass. A song with the poem by Débora Rodrigues showing a different aspect of the

artist, it is one of her most representative songs, which is present in several fado anthologies.


Over these years, Débora grew as well as her fado, and could not have found a better title than Fado in the Heart, because it was precisely fado that she

started singing whilst a child when she premiered at the Theatre, leading later to various world stages and to join the cast of almost every great fado

house - where she had the opportunity to live together and be accompanied by many of the greatest names of this Portuguese song. Fado in the Heart:

Because love is one of the main themes that are very present in her fado, in her music, in her heart and the hearts of the friends she made along the

way in the wide fado circuit, especially Tó Moliças who accompanied her and wrote for her during several years, to whom she dedicates this work.

On her return to the studio, Débora Rodrigues had a quite difficult and intense moment as she put on the headphones for the first time to record, when she began to listen to the bass of Tó Moliças (playing just for her) after he passed away last year, her voice took some time to come out... And

after a while she began recording. Perhaps this is the true sense of the word Saudade, knowing that there are times we keep so tenderly in memory that won’t be repeated ever again. This event on itself would justify the release of these recordings.


A few years later and after a few twists here's Fado in the Heart whose repertoire is based on traditional fado, featuring some original fados composed and written exclusively for her and two poems written by herself as Lua Carmim (Crimson Moon) and Amar-te (Love you). She sings as well poems by Fernando Pessoa, Carlos Conde, António Rocha, Tó Moliças, Fernando Pérez, Mário Rui Pereira and Carlos Macedo, in compositions by Alfredo Marceneiro, Filipe Pinto, Jaime Santos, Armando Machado, Miguel Ramos, Frederico de Brito and Fernando Silva.

In this work she is accompanied by the trio with whom she sang and got together for several years - Tó Moliças on acoustic bass; Jaime Santos on the fado guitar; Fernando Silva on the Portuguese guitar, and it also includes the participation of Davide Zaccaria on the cello and Jorge Carreiro on the double bass.


This album includes the duets Hino por Nós (Hymn for Us) with José Cid; Era (It Was) with Tózé Brito written by himself and Chama-me Doido uma Doida(Call me Crazy a Crazy) in desgarrada (fado’s dialogue with two voices) with Miguel Ramos whose voice was also recorded in the last studio sessions.


Fado in the Heart is storytelling and timeless experiences, memories, vivid fragments of life that won’t come back ever again – the co-existence between tradition and the freshness of her voice that sings the fado she has in her soul and... In her heart.

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Lua Carmim (Débora Rodrigues / Fernando Silva)

Há quanto tempo não canto (Fernando Pessoa / Filipe Pinto) Fado Meia-Noite

Chama-me doido uma doida com Miguel Ramos (Carlos Conde / Alfredo Marceneiro) Fado Bailarico

Amar-te (Débora Rodrigues / Armando Machado) Fado Licas

Queira ou não queira (Fernando Pérez / Jaime Santos) Fado Jaime

E não te posso esquecer (Carlos Macedo / Alfredo Marceneiro) Fado Cravo

Hino por nós com José Cid (António Rocha / Fernando Silva)

Sonho a saudade (Mário R. Pereira / Miguel Ramos) Fado Alberto 

À tua procura (Tó Moliças / Armando Machado) Fado Santa Luzia

Quadras de manjerico (Tó Moliças / Jaime Santos Jr.) Fado Marilena

Nas cordas dessa guitarra (Luana Norte / Frederico de Brito) Fado dos Sonhos

Era com Tózé Brito (Tózé Brito)

Loucuras sim (António Rocha / Fernando Silva)

Lua Carmim (Piano) (Débora Rodrigues / Fernando Silva)


Portuguese Guitar: Fernando Silva

Fado Viola: Jaime Santos
Acoustic Bass: Tó Moliças
Double Bass: Jorge Carreiro (Lua Carmim, Hino por nós & Era)

Cello: Davide Zaccaria (Lua Carmim & Hino por nós)

Piano: Ernesto Leite (Lua Carmim (Piano))
Double Bass: João Lopes (Lua Carmim (Piano))
Portuguese Guitar: Rodolfo Godinho (Lua Carmim (Piano))

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